Press Release • November 15th, 2021

PlantBelly launches online market for the world's most delicious plant-based groceries

A curated collection of the tastiest, better-for-you, vegan groceries to inspire joyful plant-based eating and discovery.

Brooklyn, NY — November 15, 2021 — PlantBelly launches today to introduce customers to innovative plant-based foods through its highly-curated online market and monthly subscription discovery box.

PlantBelly’s grocery platform makes it incredibly convenient to shop for the highest-quality plant-based perishables and pantry staples all in one place. Scrambled eggs made of mung beans, mayo made from oats, and the creamiest milk made from pili nuts - there isn’t much missing from this plant-only mix. Eve David, Co-Founder of PlantBelly explains, “So many of us are looking to include more foods in our diets that check key boxes: better for us but no less delicious, and better for our planet. Our mission is to inspire people to eat more plants by introducing them to wholesome substitutes for their favorite foods that are not only delicious but better for the earth as well.”

Also core to PlantBelly’s mission is amplifying the reach of young, visionary brands who are leading the way towards a plant-forward future. PlantBelly serves as a partner by connecting these brands directly to hungry audiences while offering world-class fulfillment capabilities to take the heavy lifting off their plates. PlantBelly’s highly curated assortment promotes independent and emerging food makers from across the world. The brand’s curated product collections often spotlight underrepresented producers with strong values and ethos that align with PlantBelly’s mission.

In addition to a la carte shopping, PlantBelly offers a curated collection of product bundles, gifts, and a monthly subscription box perfect for exploration. From a plant-based Bar Cart Upgrade bundle to BIPOC and Woman-Founded Collections, PlantBelly is changing how people discover and shop for groceries. PlantBelly’s Tasting Box, a monthly subscription discovery box, offers a unique way to taste exciting plant-based products each month. The assortment showcases small-batch makers, new-to-market gems, and community favorites.

“PlantBelly celebrates the abundance, creativity, and joy of plant-based eating. We’re focused on making it exciting to discover delicious plant-based alternatives to our customers' favorite foods and helping them stock their kitchens with options that help them eat well. We offer plant-based provisions for everyone regardless of motivation or drive and no matter where they are on their plant-based journey. PlantBelly delivers plant-based food to be loved and enjoyed by everyone,” says Eve David.

PlantBelly’s stand-out shopping experience includes free express shipping offers, exceptionally easy product searchability, and thoughtfully assembled product bundles for a truly fantastic shopping experience. To check out this new plant-based, better-for-you grocery platform, visit

About PlantBelly:

PlantBelly is a new online grocery platform and subscription box for the tastiest, most innovative plant-based foods from emerging brands across the world. Founded in 2021, the company is on a mission to inspire more people to joyfully discover exceptional plant-based groceries that are better for their health and the planet. For more information on PlantBelly, visit