Step 1: Please submit information about your brand here. Please do NOT contact us through separate means (email, LinkedIn, etc.) to follow up about your submission – we appreciate your enthusiasm but, we receive hundreds of submissions and are working as quickly as we can to review them!

Step 2: If we’re interested in learning more, we will reach out to you and request samples of your products.

Step 3: Once we receive your samples, our tasting panel will review them and we’ll notify you about the results of our review.

Step 4: If our tasting panel loves your products, we’ll ask you to fill out one additional form (with pricing and shipping information, food safety procedures, etc.) for final review and approval. 

Step 5: Following the final approval, we will submit our first purchase order (either to you or the distributor from whom we’ve agreed to source your products) and will request marketing materials (brand messaging, packaging and product images, etc.) to accompany your products on our site. Your products will usually be available for purchase within 1 week of receipt at our warehouse! 

We encourage you to apply to have new product launches reviewed, but we ask that you not resubmit your existing products. As we review our own categories, we will contact you if we’d like to revisit products that we have previously passed on.

To be considered, your product must NOT CONTAIN:
- Anything from an animal
- Honey (bee labor exploitation)
- Partially Hydrogenated Oils
- High-fructose Corn Syrup
- Artificial Flavors
- Artificial Sweeteners
- Artificial Colors

Sales & Fulfillment

No, we’re a full-service retailer! If your products meet our standards and are accepted by our tasting panel, we buy them from you (or certain distributors with whom we work), pay you for that product, and then sell it to the end customer.

No, we’re a full-service retailer! There is no listing fee to be in our online store (though there are promotional opportunities to expand your visibility). The only way to get onto our platform is for our team to select your products based on taste, quality assurance and food safety, values and brand alignment, price, and sales potential.

We buy products wholesale from our vendors, store them in our own warehouses, and ship them directly to our consumers. So you never have to drop ship the products!

We own our own warehouses / fulfillment centers and handle all of this in house.

Yes, we carry and ship ambient, refrigerated, and frozen products.

For the time being, we only carry products in individually-sealed retail-ready packaging.

Selling through your own website can be a great way for you to build relationships directly with your consumers. But there are also several advantages to selling through PlantBelly. These include:

Selling through your own website requires spending a lot of money to drive traffic to your site and convert visitors into customers. PlantBelly has an active and engaged audience of consumers that are already shopping at our site!

Selling through your own website requires a lot of labor to pack and ship orders (or requires spending a lot of money on third party fulfillment centers, storage facilities, and shipping fees). PlantBelly eliminates this hassle.

PlantBelly attracts consumers seeking a wide array of products and doing their regular grocery shopping. Some consumers may not know to seek your products out online, but may discover and purchase them via PlantBelly. 

One of the biggest costs of selling direct-to-consumer is shipping, and many consumers are not willing to pay high shipping fees – fees that sometimes even surpass the cost of goods themselves! As an aggregator, PlantBelly lets consumers pay one low, flat fee for shipping many products at once (making the relative shipping cost per product much lower) or even offering free shipping when consumers buy over a certain amount.

No, we’re a full-service retailer and only ship products that we buy and sell. That said, if we carry your products, we would be thrilled if you would encourage your consumers to buy your products from our site by linking directly to your brand page.


PlantBelly is made for anyone who wants to discover and eat delicious plant-based products, no matter where they fall on the plant-eating spectrum. We recognize that the number of consumers trying to incorporate plant-based foods into their diets (even occasionally) is much greater than the number who do so exclusively, so serving this broader population creates the greatest opportunity for your products. In addition, we believe that helping people further integrate plant-based foods into their diets is one of the greatest ways to support their health, the environment, and animal protection.

Great question! As a webstore with an expansive list of consumers, we are constantly generating traffic to our site that will naturally result in awareness of your brand and sales of your products with key consumers that are seeking plant-based products just like yours. In addition, we provide promotional opportunities to increase your visibility, product trial and sales

Tasting Box

There’s no fee to be featured in our tasting box, but there are promotional opportunities to increase the value you get from our box program. 

No, our tasting boxes provide opportunities for brands like yours to drive product awareness and trial just like when doing sampling in brick-and-mortar stores. They will also lead to sales of your products on our site from consumers who liked them. 

Yes! Our current monthly tasting box delivery includes 3 ambient (shelf stable) and 3 refrigerated or frozen items each month.

We guarantee that our tasting box subscribers receive a certain number of full-sized products in every box, but we’re open to including samples of products as bonus items!

Something we haven't covered? If you have any other questions (or just want to say hi!) — please contact us at help@plantbelly.com.