Sumatra Aceh Whole Bean Coffee

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Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffees are superb and sustainable, and their Sumatra Aceh coffee is no exception! It's perfectly earthy and bold in flavor, and its origins are deliciously wholesome and ethical.

This particular coffee is sourced from the Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative, which is located in the Gayo region of northern Sumatra and is led by a woman named Ibu Rahmah. The Cooperative was established in 2009 and became Fair Trade and Organic certified in 2011 (woo!), and is committed to maintaining those certifications and its sustainable farming practices. Currently, the Cooperative has just under 2,000 members, the majority of whom are women. The Cooperative uses its income from Fair Trade premiums for healthcare, education, and public infrastructure initiatives, and they continue to promote women’s involvement in all aspects of coffee production and trade.

How's it made? Most Sumatran coffee is processed using a semi-washed method, or "Giling Basah," which gives the pre-roasted beans a blueish hue and a reduced acidity. Directly translated, Giling Basah means "wet grinding" and is also known as wet hulling, semi-washed, and semi-dried. The process involves two stages of drying, once after mucilage is washed off and once after its parchment is taken off. The coffee is dried by exposure to the open air, rather than in its parchment (as it is in a washed coffee). This process imparts earthy notes as well as a big mouthfeel to the coffee, a signature flavor profile of Sumatran coffees.

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Dark roast; pulped natural; grown at 1,750-2,000 meters above sea level. Whole beans

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Brooklyn Roasting Co.

Brooklyn Roasting Company was founded by Jim Munson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2009. Today, Brooklyn Roasting Company is New York City’s leading homegrown coffee business, operating a handful of cafes in New York City and servicing hundreds of high-end wholesale accounts in the five boroughs. Their core commitments to diversity in the workplace, progressive Fair Trade purchasing standards, and supporting local institutions such as The... Read More


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